Pipe Systems

Dynamic BluePE®

Compressed Air Pipe System

Dynamic Air Systems offer Dynamic BluePE®, an instantly recognisable and superior compressed air piping system. Dynamic BluePE® combines the numerous strengths of PE100 polyethylene with the flexibility and choice offered by 3 different connection/fitting methods, each offering unsurpassed ease of installation. We recommend which fitting would best suit your on-going requirements.

The design flexibility of Dynamic BluePE® compressed air systems coupled with quality componentry makes it a renowned product of Dynamic Air Systems. Offering the highest levels of safety, Dynamic BluePE® is preferred and specified by leading Mechanical Engineers for all Australian industry.

Dynamic BluePE® offers quick installation, strength, safety, reliability and long levity with no maintenance required.

Dynamic BluePE® Advantages

  • Quick & Easy To Install
  • Simple To Alter Or Adapt
  • Lightweight
  • Strong & Safe
  • Low Frictional Losses
  • No Rust
  • Pipe Sizes 20mm To 160mm; Larger Sizes Available
  • Food Grade
  • Breathing Air Applications
  • Distinctive Blue Colour
  • Excellent Thermal Properties
  • Suitable For Underground Underground Applications
  • Underpressure Connection Fittings
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Fast And Efficient

Dynamic BluePE® can be installed 2-5 times faster than traditional materials and is clean & safe. No threading, flaring, gluing or Oxy/Act welding. Modifications and additional branches, etc are added with a minimum of disruption & cost.

Superior Safety

Dynamic BluePE® is a system of the highest integrity and has an integral Safety Factor of 2:1. Suitable for compressed air pressures up to 16 bar and fluids up to 25 bar as per Australia Standards AS4130, Dynamic BluePE® has higher strength, greater wall thickness, high pressure/ temperature capabilities with minimum 50 year design life. Extremely robust and impact resistant – is not brittle like PVC & PP, (PVC is not safe for compressed air). Excellent for under-ground applications. Thermally stable and suitable for continuous operation within the temperature range of -20deg C to +60deg C, Dynamic BluePE® can withstand short term rises up to 95deg C.

Corrosion Free

Dynamic BluePE® is corrosion free! Air quality and flow rates are not compromised by age. Traditional galvanised iron air pipe corrodes causing contamination of air supply damaging tools & pneumatics, increased friction resulting in energy losses, reduced bore and eventual need for replacement.

Food Grade & Breathing Air

Dynamic BluePE® is approved for food plants as it does not support bacterial growth or micro-organisms and complies with AS2070.1 "Plastic material for food contact use". Compression fittings conform to AS4129, BS6920, threaded fittings to AS3855.3 Dynamic BluePE® is also suitable for breathing air systems.

Chemical Resistance

Dynamic BluePE® has extensive chemical resistance/compatibility and provides a solution for corrosive environments. The three fitting ranges available offer various solutions; Compression Fittings come standard with Nitrile 0 rings and Acetal grip-rings, for some chemical applications Viton and EPDM 0 rings and CPVC grip-rings can be used. Dynamic BluePE® Socket Fusion provides for a continuous use of identical pipe & fitting material. Please refer to Technical Department for specific applications.

Engineering Design Flexibility

Dynamic BluePE® provides engineers & designers maximum flexibility with Socket Fusion, Electro Fusion & Compression fitting ranges. This system assists Australian Industry by a total package which is readily altered and changed with minimal "shutdown" time and is ideally suited to today's requirement for quick installation.

Dynamic BluePE Cost Savings

  • Economical purchase
  • Quick installation, Long levity with no maintenance required
  • Elimination of costly air leaks
  • Energy savings through reduced friction
  • Ultra smooth bore and no rust/scale build-up
  • Savings in modifcations, additional branches can be connected while system under pressure


316L Stainless Steel Pipe System

Tubepress® is the leading stainless steel pipe system, with "3 level pressing" and manufactured from the highest grade 316L stainless steel which is inert, releases no substances and provides the ultimate hygienic solution for a wide range of applications. Dynamic Air Systems use Tubepress for critical applications and High Pressure applications, up to 580 PSI / 40 Bar.

The Tubepress® system was developed in 1964 in Germany and was quickly recognized as the premium piping product of choice because of its speed of installation, cost savings, safety of installation and distinguished quality. Tubepress® is the only pressfit system in the world to provide a 40Bar working pressure (15mm – 108mm), it's the leader of its class.

The Tubepress® system offers faster, safer, cleaner installations with unsurpassed performance; it is preferred by industry as the ideal alternative to conventional piping systems. Hosting an extensive range of O-ring materials available, systems can be tailored to suit your requirements, whether it be heavy industry, chemical, high temperature, water or gases. As an added security bonus Tubepress® systems can also be supplied with German backed manufacture guarantees for specific applications. Tubepress® provides you German quality product, backed by extensive industry experience and a technical support structure that is committed to providing exceptional service and guaranteed quality. Tubepress®'s success is internationally recognised with the system used in numerous countries worldwide.

Cost Savings & Installation Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install – substantially quicker than conventional welding/methods
  • No consumables – oxy/act, gas and silver solder / welding wire, etc
  • Consistency – every joint is uniform throughout the installation – no rework
  • No fire sentry required – no hot work
  • Larger bores and improved flow rates
  • Simple tools – user-friendly tooling, easy to use
  • No welding or hot work permits – more productive hours in the day
  • Build in situ – system can be installed 'loose' and pressed later
  • Wide range of pipe sizes, extensive range of fittings
  • German quality and backup
  • Watermark and Gas certification plus multiple international approvals
  • ActivFire® Certification


316L Stainless Steel Pressfit System

Impress 316L high quality Stainless Steel pressfit system, a "2 level pressing" pressfit system with quality behind it and a size range from 15mm – 168mm. Impress has been the choice for many clients as the solution to conventional methods of pipe jointing. Pressure rated at 16 Bar.


304L Pressfit System

Express 304L high quality Stainless Steel pressfit system. Offering 16 Bar pressure ratings, advanced quality and a size range of 15mm – 168mm, Express 304L has been the product of choice for many of our clients in the industries we succeed in as an economical replacement to Copper Pipe Systems. Express is the fastest, safest, cleanest way to install 304L Stainless Steel.


The HAELOK System is a high pressure, (up to 1137 Bar) fitting system that is used on standard sch 10, sch 40 & sch 80 pipe, in stainless or carbon steel with no welding involved! Invented and perfected in Switzerland, it provides pure metal to metal sealing onto the pipe utilizing its uniquely formed wedge design. HAELOK guarantees a perfect connection of pipes in a few minutes and without welding. Axial pressing with up to 60 tons creates a "mechanical welding equivalent" pipe-connection. This unique pipe-connection system, without gaskets, ensures highly hermetic sealing for pipe dimensions from 12 mm up to 168.3 mm (6").

Reliability and quality is machined into HAELOK System´s unique design, and it´s paired with an unparalleled ease of installation.

Quick & Safe

HAELOK pipe connection systems offer an incredibly fast, certified, safe and cost effective press fitting solution second to none. The only alternative to HAELOK fittings is welding, but the HAELOK system offers a safe, re-liable, purely metallic sealing solution for fluid and gas systems in minutes! Fully capable for very high temperatures and high pressures and offer ample performance reserves, certified by countless international test results and certificates. HAELOK fittings can be used in different materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or others on request.

Time Savings

HAELOK short installation time is one of its great benefits. The HAELOK system reduces the installation efforts up to a factor 10 to welding! The piping system is connected quickly, efficiently and without any open flame, offering maximum security.

Faster installation, therefore a real cost advantage

  • No high-precision pipes needed
  • Works equally well with seamless and welded pipes
  • No inspection by X-ray or other methods needed
  • Substantially reduces downtime during maintenance

Approx 10x faster than welding

  • No fire or explosion risk
  • No need for "gas free" environment
  • No need to dry or drain the system
  • Works in small, difficult to access spaces
  • Supplied pre-assembled, no assembly errors
  • Very simple installation

Technical specifications Standards:

  • Temperature range: –55 °C up to +400 °C.
  • Working pressure: up to 1137 bar
  • Standards: Useable for seamless and welded pipes with the dimensions to EN ISO 1127, EN 10220 D3/T3, ASTM A213 and ASTM A269


  • Press Ring and Fitting Body: Carbon steel 1.0570
  • AISI 1024) or Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) in all combinations, other materials on request

Valves & Threaded Fittings

Full range of valves, strainers and threaded fittings in stainless steel, brass & nylon.

Copper Steel & HDPE

Full range of copper, steel & poly fittings and pipe available.